Shophouse for sale in Ngoc Trai subdivision

Location of Shophouse for sale in Ngoc Trai subdivision

The location of Shophouse for sale in Ngoc Trai subdivision belongs to the 26.6-hectare Pearl sub-area of the coastal city of Vinhomes Ocean Park, located along the 52m arterial road of the project, divided in half by the internal Ngoc Trai road. 

Ngoc Trai Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park owns the following contiguous points:

Northwest direction: 52m route extends throughout the project

Southeast direction: Ngoc Trai villas and internal facilities

Northeast and Southwest direction: 24.5ha wide conditioning lake

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Floor plan of Shophouse for sale in Ngoc Trai subdivision

The premises of Ngoc Trai Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park include a total of 116 apartments divided into two types Shophouse 01 and Shophouse 02. Specifically, the townhouse 01 villas have all 5 floors (4 floating floors and 1 basement) with an area floor are respectively: 62.8m2; 62m2; 57.1m2; 55.6m2 and 14m2

The Shophouse 02 villas consist of 4 floors (3 floating floors and 1 tum floor) with an area of 137.2m2; 117.5m2; 126.9m2 and 26.3m2.

The attractive profit potential of Shophouse for sale in Ngoc Trai subdivision

Located in the great project of Gia Lam Lake City, Vinhomes Ocean Park Ngoc Trai Shophouse inherits all the advantages of Vinhomes Ocean Park location of the mega-urban area, opening up outstanding business opportunities for investors.

Currently, the area east of Hanoi is gradually becoming a new development pole of the capital with a synchronous transport network and development policies that are focused on by the state. Therefore, Vinhomes Ocean Park has become a place with high population density and strong development potential in the future.

The project investor said that the coastal city has successfully handed over 12,000 apartments and a large number of low-rise apartments have also been filled. It is estimated that Vinhomes Ocean Park has about 200,000 residents, bringing an abundant source of potential customers to the urban area.

In addition, the location surrounded by the lake of the Ngoc Trai Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park is also an outstanding advantage, ensuring the profitability of these townhouses. Because, the duo of 6.1ha saltwater lake and 24.5ha freshwater lake are two bright spots that contribute to the name of the big city, also a place that attracts a large number of tourists every day, especially. is on weekends.

A very potential customer for business and trading activities at townhouses in the Ngoc Trai sub-area is a large number of students from Vinschool and VinUni University. Especially, when the 45-storey Technopark office tower is officially put into operation, the Pearl Shophouse area can fully benefit from the source of office customers working here.

It can be seen that the profitability when investing in Ngoc Trai shophouses is extremely large. Accordingly, the owner can run his own business or rent out Vinhomes Ocean Park Ngoc Trai Shophouse to generate a stable and recurring income.


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