Apartment building S208 - S212, The Sapphire subdivision of the Vinhomes Ocean Park project is considered a high-class product that provides an ideal place to live for a large number of upper-class residents.


Apartment building S208 - S212, Sapphire subdivision is located near the center of the urban area, easy to connect with The Ruby, The Diamond subdivisions as well as key areas to fully meet the needs of high-class living needs of residents.

Sapphire subdivision in general and apartment building S208 - S212 in particular are designed with the following main types of apartments:

Studio apartment, designed from 33 - 40m2

căn hộ Studio Vinhomes Ocean Park

1-bedroom apartment, designed from 46 - 52m2

căn hộ 1 phòng ngủ + 1

2-bedroom apartment, design from 55 - 70m2

căn hộ 2 phòng ngủ +1

2-bedroom apartment, area of 70m2

3-bedroom apartment, designed from 75 - 80m2

căn hộ  3 phòng ngủ

In fact, apartments in Vinhomes Ocean Park are intelligently designed from 1 - 3 bedrooms, besides, some apartments (+1) create an airy and large space that can help homeowners to add a single bed or design it as an office, warehouse, study room,...

Vinhomes Ocean Park apartment is handed over fully furnished with ceramic tile floor, plaster ceiling, 2-way air conditioning system, switch system, lights, kitchen cabinets, hood...


A prestigious investor

Invested and built by Vingroup, residents can be assured of product quality, project progress as well as service utilities. With strong financial potential and outstanding vision, Vingroup creates absolute trust in the hearts of customers with a high-class product system stretching from north to south.

Synchronized planning

Vinhomes Ocean Park apartment building is located in the inner city of Hanoi, in the sustainable development planning of the capital, Vinhomes Ocean Park is conveniently connected with synchronous infrastructure with potential for sustainable development.

System of Sai Dong B Industrial Park, industrial cluster of Bat Trang craft village. Ninh Hiep Industrial Cluster

Developed transport, commerce, and health infrastructure

Key projects are being planned including: 4 new bridges crossing the Red and Duong rivers, urban railway line 8, a complex of high-class amusement parks.

Perfect, classy apartment design

Vinhomes Ocean Park project is the perfect combination between Vinhomes and Vinpearl, bringing high-class resort value into each apartment, satisfying tourism and resort functions with green space and rich sports space.

Synchronized utility

tiện ích dự án Vinhomes Ocean Park

Living in Vinhomes Ocean Park, residents can fully experience the perfect space with a system of educational, medical, commercial facilities, gym park, saltwater lake, central lake bringing high-class living value for residents.

If you are looking for a perfect space, outstanding facilities, Vinhomes Ocean Park apartment promises to be the ideal destination for the capital's resident community.

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