The Vinhomes Riverside Hoa Lan villa is adjacent to the dreamy river, in the summer residents here always enjoy the fresh air, the fragrant scent of orchids and the cool wind from the river blowing. This is a separate space and the density of villas is not much suitable for those who love peace. That has created the most livable Hoa Lan villa area in the Vinhomes Riverside project.


The villa of Vinhomes Riverside Hoa Lan project located to the east of the project is designed on the road also named Hoa Lan, the name of a flower with a luxurious appearance, the favorite flower of elegant and noble people. Going through the security gate, turning left is Hoa Lan 1 villa (HL1), which is the most favorite villa area of customers. The Erchid Vinhomes Riverside villa area has a total of 219 apartments divided into 8 main zones from Hoa Lan 1 to Hoa Lan 8 villas with an area of 190m2 - 529m2 in which the villas with an area of 225m2 - 250m2 are the most common.

Vinhomes Hoa Lan Villa is designed along Hoa Lan Street. Entering the first Hoa Lan villa area is Hoa Lan 1 area near the BBQ garden, tennis court, Vincom Long Bien Trade Center. HL1 includes 36 villas. Through the security gate, turn left is Hoa Lan HL1 area, followed by Hoa Phuong villa area. The Vinhomes Hoa Lan villa area is mostly duplex villas with an area of 250m2, the front is the Kimono Village Japanese food court and the kindergarten area, the back half from HL1 - HL18 looks to the four-season garden and trees. The wide green lake creates an airy feeling. The front has a very convenient location for you to go to the utility areas. Living in the Vinhomes Riverside Hoa Lan 1 villa area will be an interesting experience.

Next to Hoa Lan Villa 1 will be Hoa Lan Villa 2 and Hoa Lan Villa 3, the front is BVIS international school. Orchids HL2 and Orchid HL3 are villas with an average area of 225m2. The difference between Hoa Lan 2 and Hoa Lan 3 is that the villas are located far away from each other, creating a sense of tranquility and peace. This will be the ideal villa area for families who love separate space, with a low density of villas, Vinhomes Hoa Lan Villa is the best choice.

Following the road of Hoa Lan 2 and Hoa Lan 3 villas are HL4, 5, 6, 7, 8 areas, all of which have the same area of ​​225m2. This HL villa area gives you a feeling of peace and harmony with families who love quiet space. The villas here also enjoy the cool breeze and the sweet scent of orchids every time the flower blooms. Living and working at the Vinhomes Riverside Hoa Lan villa area will be an interesting experience for you and your family.


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