Vinhomes Riverside Hoa Sua villa is a very crowded villa area right from the first days. This is one of the villas that is loved by buyers because surrounded by the river, it feels like a drop of water, creating a green and airy living space.


Villas in Vinhomes Riverside Hoa Sua have a total of 7 subdivisions from Hoa Sua 1 - Hoa Sua 7, in which:

Hoa Sua 1 (HS1) villa area is designed winding along the river as the last point of Hoa Sua HS1, 2, 3, including 53 villas, including 14 detached villas with an area of ​​from 290m2 - 350m2 and 39 semi-detached villas with an area of 200m2 - 250m2. The number of customers in this villa area is also about 45% and is expected to be completed quickly.

Opposite the Vinhomes Riverside Hoa Sua 1, 2, and 3 villas to the right of Hoa Hong Street is the Hoa Sua 4, 5, and 6 villas, which are designed quite impressively and uniquely. Vinhomes Riverside Hoa Sua 4 (HS4) is the area with the fewest villas with a total of 30 villas, including 14 single villas and 16 duplex villas. With villas from Hoa Sua HS4-01 to Hoa Sua HS4-13, they have a very beautiful and airy view of the garden, river and lake.

Hoa Sua Area (HS4) is currently being highly appreciated by customers in the long term, Hoa Sua 5 (HS5) villa area is designed in the shape of a bow embracing the canal, including 74 villas, including 14 detached villas from 290m2 - 500m2, and 60 semi-detached villas with an area of 250m2. Currently, Vinhomes residents complete and return to Hoa Sua 5 area a lot.

Vinhomes Riverside Hoa Sua 6 villa area is designed like Hoa Sua area (HS4) with few villas in total, there are 38 villas in which there are 12 detached villas with area from 280m2 - 350m2 and 26 semi-detached villas from 250m2.

A lot of Vinhomes residents are finishing in the HS6 area. As for the villas in the HS7 areas near the golf course, there are about 30 villas, in this area there is a children's playground and near the HP8 restaurant and food court.


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