As one of the leading projects of Vingroup,  inspired by the beautiful island nation of Singapore,  Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area project  was created with a perfect ecological space, sea and lake, 6.1ha wide salt water, creating a highlight that no other project has.


The Ruby subdivision is located at the most convenient location of the Vinhomes Ocean Park project, adjacent to the main road, residents in Ruby subdivision directly inherit all benefits from the Metro railway system No. 08 with convenient regional links.

Residents only take about 20 minutes to move into the city center

Owning an arterial road connecting conveniently with Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Hai Phong,...

Near commercial and service centers such as Big C, AEON mall, Time City, ..

System of hospitals inside and outside the area, including: Duc Giang General Hospital, Gia Lam General Hospital,...

The system of large universities nearby such as university of agriculture, university of business and technology, ...


Launched with 11 apartment buildings, Ruby Subdivision possesses a spacious view of the central lake, saltwater lake and VinUni international standard school.

The specific design of the apartment buildings is as follows:

R201 apartment building, possessing a spacious view of the central lake, VinUni school, light park, ... R201 building is considered as an extremely beautiful and attractive building for customers.

Cluster of 3 apartment buildings R202, R203, R205 has great attraction for investors with beautiful views, is considered as the "green lung" of the project. The special feature of the apartment building is the system of service utilities including saltwater lake, BBQ park, sports field, .. creating a cool space as well as the perfect view for upper-class homeowners.

3 apartment buildings R207, R208 and R209 are located in the southeast overlooking the central lake, the northeast is the river system surrounding the luxury villa area.

The entire system of apartments in Ruby subdivision is modernly designed, optimized for use, ensuring the most relaxing space for all family members.

The system of apartments is designed in a variety of types and areas, suitable for the needs of use as well as the financial potential of a large number of customers.

Detailed design includes:

Studio apartment, designed from 31.1 - 40m2

1-bedroom apartment, designed 47.9 - 58.4m2

2-bedroom apartment, designed from 76.4 - 81.5m2

3-bedroom apartment, designed from 86.1 - 97.9m2


Belonging to the segment of high-class apartments dedicated to modern civilized families, aiming to establish a full and comfortable life, the investor creates a Ruby subdivision adjacent to a Japanese garden with perfect service utilities includes:

Tiện ích Vinhomes Ocean Park

  • Gym area
  • Children's play area
  • International standard inter-level school
  • Playfield
  • International standard Vinmec Hospital,...

With an expensive location, modern design and high-class service utilities, apartment building R201 - R209, The Ruby 2 subdivision promises to bring the perfect living space for residents.

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