Considered as the most modern and luxurious urban area in Hanoi, the Vinhomes Ocean Park project offers a system of high-class apartments that blend with 75ha of trees and natural landscapes to create a perfect life for resident.


Located at the golden intersection of Gia Lam district, Vinhomes Ocean Park project makes a strong impression with its expensive location, close to Vinh Tuy bridge, Thanh Tri bridge, Chuong Duong bridge, convenient to move into the city center , meeting all the needs of study, work, entertainment, relaxation and relaxation.

Sapphire 2 subdivision is planned at the western gateway of the urban area, easily connecting with the city center area and neighboring provinces. The Northeast of the project is adjacent to The Sapphire 1 subdivision, the Southeast is adjacent to VinUni University, the Southwest is adjacent to the ecological river and the Northwest is adjacent to an international standard school.


căn hộ chung cư Vinhomes Ocean Park

Building S201 is the only tower in The Sapphire 2 subdivision with a Z-shaped design, 27 floors high and 1 basement for parking. In particular, the specific design of the S201 building is:

The first floor has a podium shophouse, 26 floors of apartments with 19 apartments/floor. Including a total of 494 apartments.

Building S201 has windows at both ends of the corridor facing each other, bringing natural light and wind to each apartment.

Along with the Vinhomes Ocean Park apartment system, the S201 building also owns an apartment design from 1 to 3 bedrooms, a large view of the peach river, a green park and an international standard school.

One of the many attractions for customers is the prime location of S201 building with the location adjacent to the 8.7ha river, with long, smooth white sand beaches, green coconut groves bringing a full sea and lake space to residents. .


căn hộ chung cư tòa S202 Vinhomes Ocean Park

Building S2.02 Sapphire subdivision 2 is designed with 27 floors + 2 basements for parking, in which the first floor of the apartment building is designed as a commercial and service townhouse.

With a location located 52m2 from the main road and 30m from the main road, adjacent to the riverside square area, residents at building S202 will certainly feel a quiet, relaxed space with an open view.

S202 apartment building design 22 apartments/floor with a variety of area from 28 - 33m2, including types: 1-bedroom apartment + 1 function room, area 43m2, 2-bedroom apartment with area from 55 - 63m2, 3-bedroom apartment, area from 74 - 75m2


căn hộ chung cư S203

S203  apartment building is adjacent to Gym parks, riverside BBQ gardens, commercial center complexes that bring the full value of high-class living to the resident community. S2.03 Building owns the utilities in the divisions such as gym park, riverside BBQ, Trade Center Complex, 5-storey outdoor garage, VinUni International Standard University and 45-storey office tower.


căn hộ chung cư S205

S205 apartment building in Sapphire 2 subdivision is designed with 26 floors + 1 basement for parking. In which, 550 apartments have an open view, unobstructed by other apartment buildings, providing a wide view for all residents.

S205 apartment building is located in the west of The Sapphire area, the northeast of the apartment building is next to the swimming pool, the southeast is adjacent to tennis, badminton and basketball courts. The Southwest borders the ecological river, the Northwest borders an international standard school.


Căn hộ chung cư S206

Building S206 of Vinhomes Ocean Park project has a height of 26 floors, designed in a U-shape with 30 apartments/floor, 6 elevators, 2 emergency ladders. In which, the areas of Studio apartment from 35.8 to 36.4m2. 1 bedroom apartment with area from 42.8 to 43.1m2. Apartment with 2 bedrooms, area from 55.4m2 - 63.6m2. 3-bedroom apartment, area from 75.3-76.4m2.


Căn hộ chung cư S207

Located in the northern corner of The Sapphire 2 subdivision, S207 apartment building owns 3 facades embracing the main road 30m wide and two internal roads 17m wide.

Possessing perfect internal facilities, S207 apartment building offers 690 apartments, fully meeting the needs of residents.

Possessing outstanding strengths, S201 - S207 Vinhomes Ocean Park apartment building promises to be a high-class product that brings a perfect place to live for the capital's community.

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