Shophouse for sale in Sao Bien subdivision

Overview of the location of Shophouse for sale in Sao Bien subdivision

Shophouse for sale in Sao Bien subdivisionVinhomes Ocean Park is part of Vinhomes Ocean Park Villas, a high-class sub-area located at the northeast gateway of the project. Located right on two internal roads of 52m and 40m, the location of Shophouse Sao Bien Vinhomes Ocean Park inherits the advantage of outstanding traffic connection both inside and outside the project.

The shophouse area consists of 4 rows, of which 3 are facing the Northeast (SB22, SB23, SB24) and 1 row facing the Northwest (SB01):

Shophouse Sao Bien 01: runs along 52m-road, located next to the commercial service shop area of the subdivision and opposite Vinschool Ocean Park inter-school.

Shophouse Sao Bien 23: located on the 40m-roads, opposite the 200ha land area owned by Vingroup. In the future, a new project will be developed by the investor here.

Shophouse Sao Bien 24: located at the intersection between high-rise and low-rise areas, next to a modern 5-storey garage and opposite Vinschool

Shophouse Sao Bien 22: opposite Vincom Mega Mall, next to the road to the sea, saltwater lake, 6.1 hectares wide

Floor plan of Shophouse for sale in Sao Bien subdivision

The shophouse area includes a total of 350 units, of which 150 are located on the 52m road and the remaining 200 are located on the 40m street. Shophouses are planned in pairs with an area ranging from 67.5m2 to 190m2, meeting the needs of many customers.

In addition, Shophouse for sale in Sao Bien subdivision with a 5-storey structure resonates with a frontage of up to 5m, not only helping the owner's business activities more conveniently but also creating a spacious living space. generous for family members.

Shophouses are handed over according to rough standards, including smooth stuccoed floors, open ceilings, aluminum-framed windows, glass, tempered glass doors, or wooden doors depending on design, electrical system, water supply, and drainage system, fire protection system, air conditioning system, and air filter. This gives homeowners the freedom to design a home-business space that suits their lifestyle, interests, and fields of pursuit.

The impressive design of Shophouse for sale in Sao Bien subdivision

The 1st and 2nd floors of Vinhomes Ocean Park's Sao Bien shophouse are designed specifically for business, with ceiling-close, wide and open doorways to showcase the full appeal of products and services. When in operation, the eye-catching facades of the shophouse rows will surely attract a large number of customers.

The remaining 3 floors of the shophouse are built according to the normal housing model with smart design, optimizing usability, opening up a luxurious and comfortable living space for the owners.

The design of Sao Bien Shophouse Vinhomes Ocean Park is applied by the owner of Vinhomes with Mediterranean architecture to create homogeneity with the products of villas and townhouses in the sub-area. This is a prominent factor contributing to the typical beauty of Sao Bien area: luxurious, elegant but no less poetic.

ơThe high and wide arched doorways, hidden under the slightly sloping eaves, the long balconies embracing the square façade, etc., all combine and blend together, giving the urban area the taste of apartments. Beach resort villa stretching south of Italy. All shophouses use monochromatic white paint, dotted with deep tones of door frames and gracefully baked tiled roofs, creating a harmonious, elegant and sumptuous whole.

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