Vinhomes Harmony is the next subdivision built in phase 2 at Vinhomes Riverside that promises to bring unique values ​​in terms of the isolated location, large ecological environment, and fully self-contained five-star facilities.

Vinhomes Riverside - The Harmony has a total area of about 97.5 hectares with nearly 30 hectares of trees and water surface forming a population of 1,500 low-rise houses in the neoclassical style.

Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony is located in Viet Hung ward, Long Bien, just 6km from the center of the capital, 10 minutes to West Lake, 30 minutes to Noi Bai airport, ... definitely a spiritual connection point between Hanoi and the northern provinces such as Hai Duong, Hai Phong, Hung Yen, Bac Ninh...

Vinhomes Harmony is embraced by the Red River and Duong River, which, according to Asian conception, will be the attraction of fortune and prosperity for the owner.

Nguyet Que subdivision is one of 4 sub-zones of Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony, but it has the largest area of ​​​​the project, with classical Greek architecture shown in 3 basic columns in the works which are Doric Column, Column. Ionic and Corinthian columns. This architecture has formed a symbol of the pure, healthy, and delicate beauty of classical architecture.

Laurel is a symbol of glory, with success, good luck, success. With that in mind, the investor Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony has built Nguyet Que subdivision as the central road, running around the urban area into a circle like a laurel wreath of victory. The investor VinGroup puts in it the belief of good luck and good fortune for Nguyet Que residents.

28 commercial townhouses in Nguyet Que subdivision, Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony with prices ranging from 13 billion to 18 billion. The reason why Shophouses are always the perfect investment product at Vinhomes Harmony is that there are only 57 shophouses, but they are located in prime street locations, with two functions that can both live in and have a business, trade. The plus point is that these apartments have two open frontage spaces.


  • FLEXIBLE USE SPACE: Homeowners can both do business on the lower floor and live on the upper floor, so Shophouse is considered the most flexible and maximum real estate in terms of usability. Not only that, homeowners still enjoy all the full and high-class facilities at Vinhomes Riverside The Harmony project
  • BIG BUSINESS POTENTIAL: At The Harmony, Vinhomes Riverside are all successful and upper-class residents who have the conditions and desire to use high-quality, high-quality goods and services. Therefore, the shophouses here will definitely do well and be crowded

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