The demand for living space is increasing, besides owning a real estate, many customers have the choice of renting villas and townhouses to serve their living needs, convenient for work. In order to provide the perfect choice for customers, the following article will provide you with information for rent of semi-detached houses and villas in Vinhomes Ocean Park Sao Bien subdivision.


Sao Bien subdivision (aka Starfish) is located on major roads, convenient to move and access to neighboring areas, easy to circulate. Besides, Sao Bien subdivision is also located on the highway, helping residents here easily move to key areas of the North through the Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh highway.

Sao Bien subdivision owns 122 lots of villas and townhouses with sunny and windy Mediterranean style. The highlight that attracts a lot of customers is the low roof system, square windows, large arched windows.

In particular, the selling and renting prices of villas and townhouses in Sao Bien subdivision are considered to be cheaper than other subdivisions. This place is really the ideal destination for customers who are looking for modern villas and townhouses with a large green population, full facilities and services.

Sao Bien subdivision
owns a system of modern facilities, beautiful natural landscape, is an ideal destination for a large number of upper-class customers.

Located on the main road 52m leading to the project center and amusement park.

The Sao Bien subdivision is also located on the 40m road leading to the shophouse area and the 200-hectare land of Vingroup (the land is planned for the development of new projects in the future) promising to bring outstanding potential for price increase. , opening up outstanding rental investment opportunities.

In particular, with an open density, located near a 6.1ha wide saltwater lake, Sao Bien subdivision owns a diverse system of utilities to fully meet the high-class living needs of residents.

With a diverse design of villas with flexible areas, customers can choose to suit their needs as well as their family's financial potential.

Design of different types of villas include:

  • Adjacent Villa: Area from 88 - 114m2
  • Semi-detached villa: Area from 142 - 156m2
  • Detached villa: Area from 168 - 270m2

Possessing perfect design, outstanding facilities and huge potential for price increase, Sao Bien subdivision villas not only provide an ideal living space but also open up outstanding investment opportunities for investors.

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