Vinhomes Royal City

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Vinhomes Royal City

Vinhomes Royal City

Add: 72 Nguyen Trai Street, Thanh Xuan district, Hanoi


                       Royal City



I.                   INTRODUTION


Vinhomes Royal City Apartments is located on Centre area of Thanh Xuan district, include 6 buildings R1- R6 with diversed area of 88.3 – 221m2, well- designed and modern apartments with 2-4 bedrooms with the first-class Royal style, full furniture and utilities in Hanoi. This project was completed and in use.


II.                LOCATION


Vinhomes Royal City Complex is at number 72A Nguyen Trai, where locates main nodal road connecting Hanoi urban areas with new capital’s Centre.

- Far from Hoan Kiem Lake about 5 kilometers (10 minutes driving)

- To Lich River on the Northeast

-  Nguyen Trai Street on the Southeast.

-  Thuong Dinh Residential Area on the Northwest and Southwest

                               Vinhomes Royal City Nguyen Trai - Map of project location

                Vinhomes Royal City Nguyen Trai - Map of project location


III.             SCALE


- Total area: 120.945 m2, designed with intelligent connection between functional complex constructions and public complex constructions along with ecological Architecture.

-  Gardens and parks: about 70.000 square meters.

-  Shopping Mall and Supermarket: 230.000m2, divided into 2 basements and 2 levels.

- Water park with area of 17.000m2

- The first biggest ice rink in Vietnam with area of 3000 m2                                                                                                                                                      

- Amusement place in approximately 30.000 m2

- Parking lot in basement with 300.000m2

                                     Vinhomes Royal City Apartment – Project scale

                                              Vinhomes Royal City Apartment – Project scale




- Luxurious complex apartments

- Vincom Mega Mall Shopping Centre with special points to create diversities and success:

+ Indoor Food street with more than 22.000m2 – the biggest one in Southeast Asia with 130 restaurants.

+ Amusement Complex: Indoor water park, Fairy tales Garden, cinema, World Game, the first skating- rink in Vietnam

+ Shopping Centre with the most luxurious brand name in Vietnam and in the world.

+ Supermarket, electronic supermarket, interior supermarket with varied products.

+ Gym & Spa Centre, luxurious indoor swimming pool

- 3 International Schools

- Green Garden on rooftop with 7 hectares

- Parking lot system in 3 basements with more than 200.000m2 and modern automatic control system.


V.                Vinhomes Royal City Apartments


Vinhomes Royal City Complex contains 6 buildings: R1, R2, R3, R4, R5, and R6 with total 4460 apartments

- R1 building contains 942 apartments with diverse area of 88.3m2 – 200.8m2. Vinhomes Royal City Apartments in R1 building have 1- 4 bedrooms.

- R2 building in Vinhomes Royal City Apartment contains 942 apartments, with varied area of 88.3m2 – 151.7m2, 2-3 bedrooms.

-  R3 building in Vinhomes Royal City Apartment was designed from 109.2m2 to 221.5m2, with 2-4 bedrooms

- R4 building with 2-3 bedrooms in area of 93m2- 137m2.

- R5 building with 2-3 bedrooms in area of 93m2- 137.6m2.

- R6 building with 1-2 bedrooms in area of 93m2- 162.2m2.









House planning

1st, 2nd floor: shopping center

1st, 2nd floor: shopping center

1st, 2nd floor: shopping center

1st, 2nd floor: shopping center

1st, 2nd floor: shopping center

1st, 2nd,2A,2B floors: shopping center

3rd -35th floors: apartments

3rd -35th floors: apartments

2A-15A floors: apartments

2A-35th  floors: apartments

2A-35th  floors: apartments

3rd -30th floors: apartments

Rooftop floor: Garden

Rooftop floor: Garden

Rooftop floor: Garden

Rooftop floor: Garden

Rooftop floor: Garden

Rooftop floor: Garden


                                    Vinhomes Royal City Nguyen Trai Apartments


                                                      Vinhomes Royal City Nguyen Trai Apartments


  • Investor: Hoang Gia City Real Estate Development and Investment SJC (belong to Vingroup cooperation)
  • Partners:
    • Site Architecture Design cooperation (France)
    • Site Asia Company
    •  Premier Construction Management Co., Jsc (PCM)
  • Hotline
  • Hotline

    0984 928 696


    0984 928 696

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