Where is Vinhomes The Harmony?

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The Vinhomes Harmony is the second phase of Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien project, is well known among local people and also foreign community. Located at the gateway of North East of Hanoi, Vinhomes The Harmony Long Bien is believed becoming a living space, comfort and class for all future residents


Vinhomes The Harmony

Vinhomes The Harmony, the eco-urban, developed by VinGroup, is located along the Red River with its combination of villas, semi and detached type, and with desire becoming the first level class in Hanoi.




Vinhomes The Harmony Location

Vinhomes The Harmony is located in the north-east gate of Hanoi capital, where the infrastructure development and transportation connected conveniently and completely. The project is only 6km from the city centre - Ho Guom, 5km from Chuong Duong bridge, 2km far from Vinh Tuy bridge and easy connection to the surrounding areas via modern transportation systems such as roads and highways.


Vinhomes The Harmony is designed with the various type of properties including villas, both type semi and detached and shop-house.


Scope of the project Vinhomes The Harmony


with the corresponding architectural styles like French, Venice – Itali.

  • The total number of units: 1500 units detached villa, semi-detached villa, terrace house, shop-house.
  • Land area/each unit: from 90m² to 368m²
  • Construction density: 39%
  • Detention Basin: 12.4ha
  • Total long ways of canal in this project: 6km
  • Type of ownership: Redbook long term




Detached Villas Vinhomes The Harmony


Vinhomes The Harmony detached villas are spread throughout the project canal and view to the river and detention basin. The detached villas are designed exquisitely with a variety of land area from 153m2 to 481m2, construction area from 350m2 to 500m2.



Semi-detached villa vinhomes the harmony

Semi-detached Villa Vinhomes The Harmony

Semi-detached villas have a land area of between 207 - 213m2, the other small type area of 170 - 200m2. Construction area of 400 - 440m2.



terrace house vinhomes the harmony

Terrace House Vinhomes The Harmony

The terrace house at Vinhomes The Harmony project has a modern architectural design with open front and back courtyard garden. The plot has a land area of 90 - 96m2, in addition to some land area of 120 - 140m2. Construction area 220m2.



Shophouse vinhomes harmony

Shophouse Vinhomes The Harmony

The Shop-house in the project is built based on the idea of the traditional townhouse in Vietnam, the first floor is for business purposes, and upper floor to live. The land area from 170m2-200m2, construction area of 400m2-440m2, located in the central area is very suitable for business, trading.



facilities vinhomes the harmony

Facilities and Amenities Vinhomes The Harmony


  •                 Vinmec International Hospital.
  •                 Education system Vinschool
  •                 Vincom Plaza shopping centre.
  •                 Convention Center Almaz.
  •                 Vinhomes Health Club.
  •                 BBQ.
  •                 Dinosaur Park.
  •                 Detention Basin 12,4ha, and canal system long 6km.
  •                 Green area for 2/3 of the total area.
  •                 Children's play area, nursing area, outdoor training ground, rest chairs.
  •                 Sports complex with golf course, 6 tennis courts, 2 mini golf courses and 2 swimming pools.
  •                 Gym, Yoga and Spa
  •                 Security system with 24/24 surveillance cameras ensures safety for all residents in the project.
  • Hotline
  • Hotline

    0909 649 866


    0909 649 866

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