Inspired by the modern and classy city of Singapore, the Vinhomes Ocean Park project  is planned with a large space, luxurious European-style design promises to bring an ideal place to live that nowhere else has.

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The Ruby 1 is known as the first subdivision of the Vinhomes Ruby product line located in the Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area. The Ruby 1 subdivision is designed with 11 apartment buildings from R101-R112 with outstanding advantages compared to The Sapphire subdivision, such as basic furniture, 10cm higher ceilings, spacious corridors with central air conditioning,..

Located in Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area, The Ruby subdivision inherits the prime location of the urban area. The project is located right near the University of Agriculture 1, near the old and new road 5, convenient to move to the city center.

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  • From the project, residents only take about 20 minutes to move to the city center
  • 15 minutes to reach Vinh Tuy Bridge
  • 4 minutes to move to Thanh Tri bridge
  • Convenient connection to the road 5
  • Adjacent to major hospitals, including Duc Giang General Hospital, Gia Lam General Hospital


Designed according to the Ruby product line, the apartment in The Ruby 1 subdivision features a luxurious and modern design, surrounded by many large glass panels to bring a spacious space to the whole apartment.

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The interior system of the entire apartment is handed over according to standards, besides there are additional wall-mounted furniture with sanitary ware, walls, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes, toilet cabinets, ceiling-mounted air conditioners, fingerprint door lock and smart screen,....

The Ruby 1  apartments are designed with Studio apartments, 1-bedroom (+1) apartments, 2-bedroom apartments and 3-bedroom (+1) apartments.

The specific planning area is as follows:

  • Studio apartment, area from 33 - 45m2
  • 1-bedroom (+1) apartment, area from 46 - 50m2
  • 2-bedroom (+1) apartments, area from 55.4 - 60m2
  • 3-bedroom (+1) apartment, area from 75 - 106m2

One of the special features of Vinhomes Ocean Park apartments is the smart apartment design, optimizing the use, suitable for many customers as well as the needs of the owner.

Planned on the basis of the perfect ecological space of the city of the sea and lake, Ruby 1 apartments are outstandingly designed with many large glass panels that bring luxury as well as airy space to the apartment.


Not only providing living space, Vingroup investor always wants to bring the perfect resting place for residents with a variety of utilities and services. Living at Vinhomes Ocean Park, residents will experience thousands of top-notch facilities, including:

  • International standard inter-level school
  • Modern garage
  • Tennis and basketball courts
  • Walking street
  • Vinmec General Hospital meets international standards.

More than a living space, Vinhomes Ocean Park brings full emotions to homeowners, a prosperous place to live in the busy urban area for many residents of the capital.

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