Owning 16 modern apartment buildings, The Sapphire 2 subdivision of the Vinhomes Ocean Park project brings a system of expensive products to the Hanoi resident community. In order to introduce customers to a variety of apartment options, today's article will provide information for renting apartments in building S215 - S219, The Sapphire 2 subdivision.


The Sapphire 2 subdivision, Vinhomes Ocean Park is smartly designed with 3 typical types of premises: I, L and T-shaped floors, possessing a green natural landscape space with sides adjacent to rivers and lakes. Air-conditioned, The Sapphire 2 subdivision provides a perfect living space for residents.

With a convenient location, the Northeast Sapphire 2 subdivision is adjacent to The Sapphire 1 subdivision and the Masteri Waterfront Ocean Park apartment complex.

  • The Southeast is adjacent to VinUni
  • The southwest is adjacent to the ecological river.
  • The Northwest adjoins the school

Subdivision Sapphire 2 - Vinhomes Ocean Park

The Sapphire 2 subdivision is the first subdivision to be handed over and put into use at a reasonable price. Specific design of apartment types is as follows:

Studio apartment, area of 30 - 37m2, suitable for a large number of young families, single people, newlywed families or families with few members with middle income.

Studio in Vinhomes Ocean Park

Versatile apartment of 1 bedroom + 1: Designed with an area of ​​46 - 48m2, the special feature of this apartment system is that there is an additional space for homeowners to create more resting space, can add a bed, sofa set or wardrobe depending on the needs of the family.

1-bedroom apartment in Vinhomes Ocean Park

Apartment of 2 bedrooms + 1: is modernly designed with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 1 multi-purpose area to bring airy and spacious apartment.

Apartment of 2 bedrooms + 1

3-bedroom apartment: Designed with a large area from 78 - 81.5m2 to help family members make the most of the apartment's functions, connecting to each other to create warmth but no less privacy.

3-bedroom apartment in Vinhomes Ocean Park


Living at Vinhomes Ocean Park, residents will inherit a high-class utility system, including:

  • Vinuni university system of international standards, Vinschool inter-school system.
  • Vinmec International Hospital
  • Modern amusement park
  • Outdoor pool
  • Sports playground, chain of commercial centers and modern services


With the advantage of location, synchronous utilities, apartments at Vinhomes Ocean Park promise to bring a perfect living space, a high-class residence for the upper-class community.

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Apartments for sale in R101 - R107 Vinhomes Ocean Park

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