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Vinhomes Riverside Villas Urban Area is constructed under total area of 183.5 ha. It has 5 main zones including sakura, orchid, milk-white flower, flamboyant, queen’s crape-myrtle with diversified area villas from 111m2 to 2000m2. Each zone has its own feature joining together to create the most opulent riverside villa ensemble in Vinhomes Riverside.

Master plan of Vinhomes Riverside Villas

Most of villas in Vinhomes Riverside are adjacent to rivers and lakes with area of up to 600,000m2. Besides, 60 ha area in Vinhomes Riverside is constructed for public works like park, lush green trees and water surface.

Map of Vinhomes Riverside Villas

Details of areas divided into in Vinhomes Riverside Urban Area:

- 600,000ha for trees and man-made river

- 45,000m2 for Long Bien Vincom Center including 5-floor supermarket, stores, food court, Platinum Cineplex, gym…

- System of international schools from kindergarten to high school and other amenities like golf court with international standard, tennis court, swimming pools, playgrounds for children….

Detail layout of Vinhomes Riverside

With large areas invested to public environment, residents in Vinhomes Riverside can enjoy modern and healthy living spaces right in the capital.