Villas in Hai Au subdivision, Vinhomes Ocean Park are located next to the lake and artificial saltwater lake of the whole urban area. Inheriting the leading facilities of a high-class urban area, Hai Au low-rise subdivision meets all the high-class living needs of the elite.

The artificial beach in Vinhomes Ocean Park


The name 'Hai Au' (aka Albatross) is derived from the subdivision because it looks like the shape of a bird flying freely in the sky, expressing dreams and aspirations for a peaceful and prosperous living space.

Hai Au subdivision owns a scale of 522 low-rise apartments with 4-5 floors, including villas, townhouses, and shophouses.

Owning the central location of Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area, Hai Au subdivision is assessed to have convenient traffic links, in which:

The West is adjacent to Vinmec International General Hospital

The South is adjacent to the commercial construction site and the garage

On the other hand, Hai Au subdivision is adjacent to a large regulating lake, the leading artificial saltwater lake in Vietnam, contributing to creating a relaxing space for homeowners.



Hai Au subdivision is designed based on the inspiration of Eastern architecture and Western architecture, combining luxurious classical features and the closeness of national traditions. The product system in Hai Au subdivision is planned to include single-family lakefront villas, duplex villas and townhouses.

Lakefront detached villa was built with an area of ​​141-420m2, designed with 3 floating floors and 1 tum. With a luxurious and classy design along with an expensive view of the two lakes, the single villa of Hai Au subdivision is an expensive product that has been welcomed by many customers in the past time.

Semi-detached villa

The number of 259 plots of semi-detached villas is located on the 30m road, the area is close to the private utility cluster, the busy commercial center, the administrative area, the hospital. The semi-detached villa is designed with an area of ​​​​148 - 154m2, ensuring a large and open space for a comfortable life of the owner.

Adjacent house 

Townhouses are considered as perfect business investment products with outstanding commercial value. Owning an area of ​​145m2, building 4 floors + 1 tum, frontage from 5 - 7.5m, suitable for business model of restaurants, eateries, convenience stores with small investment capital and high liquidity.

Townhouses in Hai Au subdivision

Hai Au subdivision is planned next to 4 commercial centers, inter-level school system, BBQ garden, ... In addition, there is a system of swimming areas, children's play areas, gymnasium, etc. ... fully meet the needs of learning, relaxation and health care of all residents.

Rated as the most expensive subdivision in the Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area, customers who own Hai Au subdivision have the opportunity to live in a relaxing, most livable space in the capital, promising to be the perfect relaxing place to stay after tiring working hours.

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