Building S2.08 is on the main road 30m wide, between two subdivisions, The Sapphire 1 & The Sapphire 2. From here, residents can easily connect to other subdivisions in the project complex. Building S2.12 is at the intersection of 03 main roads from 30m to 52m wide. This is the central location, easy to move to the lake and many other convenient service areas such as Vinmec, VinUni, etc.

These two apartment buildings are in the Vinhomes Ocean Park urban complex, Gia Lam district - Hanoi. This urban area is close to the 5A and 5B roads, making it easy for residents to move to neighboring provinces such as Hai Phong, Hai Duong, etc. Moreover, it only takes 30 minutes to move into the city center through many different routes such as Vinh Tuy bridge or Thanh Tri bridge, etc. Living in Ocean Park, you will not have to worry about moving around as there are major arterial roads, ensuring traffic is always clear.

Location of Vinhomes Ocean Park


General information of Vinhomes Ocean Park

- Project name: Vinhomes Ocean Park

- Project location: Gia Lam district - City. Hanoi

- Building scale: Serviced apartment building

- Building S2.08: 26 floors high and 01 basement.

                    The first and second floors are shophouses

                    Total number of apartments: 720

- Building S2.12: 26 floors high with 01 basement.

                    The first and second floors are shophouses

                    Total number of apartments: 528


General information of Vinhomes Ocean Park


Planning of Vinhomes Ocean Park

Building S2.08 has a height of 26 floors, accompanied by a basement. The first and second floors are for service and commercial areas. The 3rd floor and above will be the apartment area. Each floor will have 30 apartments, accompanied by 06 elevators, 02 cargo lifts, and 02 stairs. The apartments have an area of 36m2 - 77m2, with types of studio, 01-03 bedroom apartments. Building S2.12 was built with a height of 26 floors, the first and second floors are also used as service and commercial areas, the third floor and above will be the apartment area. Apartments in S2.12 have an area of 28m2 - 75m2, including studios, 01-03 bedroom apartments. Each floor has 22 apartments, accompanied by 04 elevators, 01 cargo lift, and 02 stairs.


Floor plan of S2.08 Building

The apartments have a modern, square style. The living room, kitchen, and entrance hall are connected to create a spacious space for the common living area. The bedrooms are arranged separately. Each apartment has 01 to 03 bathrooms depending on the type of apartment. Each bedroom has a large glass door to receive natural light, along with double-layer curtains, both creating a private space when needed and at the same time, softening the light. Outside is a large loggia, which is a drying area.


Floor plan of S2.12 Building


Facilities of Vinhomes Ocean Park

As a new urban area, the facilities at Vinhomes Ocean Park are very special. The first thing to mention is the system of campus, a green park covering the project building, combined with an air-conditioned lake and an artificial lake to give residents a living space filled with nature and refreshment, bring the sea to your apartment. In addition, the system of commercial centers, high-quality inter-schools, the hospital system, etc., will take care of you from meals to sleep. Everything residents need is available at the project.


Lancapes of Vinhomes Ocean Park

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