Shophouse for rent in Sao Bien subdivision

Overview of the location of Shophouse for rent in Sao Bien subdivision

Shophouse for rent in Sao Bien subdivision is part of Vinhomes Ocean Park Villas, a high-class sub-area located at the northeast gateway of the project. Located right on two internal roads of 52m and 40m, the location of Shophouse Sao Bien Vinhomes Ocean Park inherits the advantage of outstanding traffic connection both inside and outside the project.

In addition, the Sao Bien subdivision Vinhomes Ocean Park area is also known as the "busy commercial center" of the project, which is sought after by investors when converging nearly 1,000 shophouses and commercial and service shops.

location of Shophouse for rent in Sao Bien subdivision

Overview of Shophouse for rent in Sao Bien subdivision

Location (from the direction of Sao Bien sub-area):

- The West is adjacent to Vincom Mega Mall Ocean Park, 6.1ha of a saltwater lake

- The North borders on Ngoc Trai Lake 24.5ha

- The East is a 52m avenue that cuts across the project

- South: 40m planned road

Construction scale:

- 59 detached villas (168 - 328m2)

- 257 duplex villas (122 - 150m2)

- 122 adjacent apartments (88 - 114m2)

- 350 shophouses (67.5 - 125m2)

- About 500 commercial and service shops

Delivery time: April 2020


- Villa, townhouse, shophouse: Long-term red book

- Commercial service shop: 50 years

Overview of Shophouse for rent in Sao Bien subdivision

Floor plan design of Shophouse for rent in Sao Bien subdivision

Sao Bien sub-area has a construction scale of up to about 1288 low-rise apartments, just behind Hai Au Vinhomes Ocean Park. Here, Vinhomes investor developed 59 single villas, 257 duplex villas, 122 villas adjacent to Sao Bien, 350 shophouses, and about 500 commercial and service shops.

All villas here are built in the typical Mediterranean architecture of southern Italian villas. The highlight of this design style lies in the undulating blocks with slightly sloping eaves, accompanied by large square and arched windows, giving the house a liberal appearance.

The Mediterranean beauty of Sao Bien sub-area is further embellished by the ocean breath from the 6.1ha saltwater lake and lake and the 24.5ha white sand freshwater lake, opening the right "near the sea, next to the lake" life. meaning for residents.

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Shophouse for rent in Ngoc Trai subdivision

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