Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area is one of the most modern and convenient urban areas in Vietnam. Inspired by the modern city of Singapore, this place has a comfortable living space like no other.


Types of apartments of buildings R210, R211, R212, R213, R214, R215, R216, R217, R218, belonging to Ruby subdivision of Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area include:

  • Studio apartment (Area from 33 - 40m2)

Studio apartment with compact and simple design, optimizing living space, small apartment value, so it is easy to own. Especially suitable for young people or newly married families, single people or professionals coming to the working area or using rental will bring very high profits.

  • 1 bedroom (+1) apartment (Area from 46 - 52m2)

Unlike the Studio apartment, the 1BR +1 apartment has a design of 1 large bedroom and a multi-purpose room, suitable for an office, reading room or storage room. The apartment is especially suitable for newlyweds or investors.

  • 2 bedrooms (+1), 1 bathroom and 2 bedrooms (+1), 2 bathroom apartment (Area from 55 - 70m2)

Vinhomes Ocean Park is designed based on modern Singaporean architecture with a variety of apartments. The 2-bedroom apartment includes 1 living room, 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen, loggia, with a convenient balcony, between the two bedrooms is a multi-purpose space can add a study table, family reading area.

Floor plan in 2-bedroom apartment

  • 3-bedroom apartment (Area from 75 - 80m2)

The 3-bedroom apartment is designed to be a corner apartment with 2 very open sides, suitable for large families, multi-generational families or families who need a lot of living space, .. 3 bedroom apartments are also highly appreciated for living as well as investment.


  • With full interior package including:

- Living room: ceramic tile floor, gypsum ceiling, full wall paint, two-way air conditioner, system of sockets, switches, lights, sofa, ..

- Bedroom: wooden floor, plaster ceiling, 2-way air conditioner, switch, built-in wardrobe, bed, mattress,...

- Kitchen: tile floor, plaster ceiling, upper and lower kitchen cabinets, dining table set, stove, hood,...

- Bathroom: ceramic tiled floors and walls, water-resistant plaster ceiling, lavabo, toilet, shower,...

  • With basic furniture package

- The apartments to be handed over include wall-mounted furniture such as air conditioners, water heaters, kitchen cabinets, etc.

  • With minimal interior package

- The apartment will not include the system of kitchen cabinets, kitchen equipment, separate furniture but only the waiting heads, so with this package, customers can freely design the interior according to their own style and personality. mine.


With a scale of 420ha, and construction density only accounts for nearly 19%, Vinhomes Ocean Park spends up to 117ha for green space, water surface to create great utilities such as saltwater lake, gym park, BBQ area. …. These are also "giant green lungs" that provide positive energy for residents every day. Besides, in order to achieve optimal utilities, Vinhomes Ocean Park is planned with a closed utility system, meeting all the needs of residents.

utilities in Vinhomes Ocean Park

  • Sea and lake with salt water 6.1ha
  • Large central lake 24.5ha
  • 8 resort-style indoor and outdoor swimming pools
  • 60 children's playgrounds and a series of stadiums, nourishing grass
  • VinSchool system, VinUni University
  • Vincom shopping malls, busy commercial and service streets
  • VinMec hospital and clinic system
  • With fully equipped and modern apartments, Vinhomes Ocean Park urban area promises to be the most livable place in Hanoi.

With the variety and amenities of apartments, the Vinhomes Ocean Park project promises to be a new environment that fully meets the living needs of residents here.

At Tan Long, we continuously update the rental/sale service data at Vinhomes Ocean Park to serve any of your needs. Our staff will help you quickly find the ideal home for you, negotiate the purchase/sale price for the house.

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Apartments for sale in R201 - R209 Vinhomes Ocean Park

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