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The upcoming release of the Venice Mega Grand World subdivision - Vinhomes Ocean Park 3

(Update: 11/21/2023 4:46:45 PM)

The Venice Mega Grand World subdivision - A breath of romantic beauty reminiscent of Venice in the heart of Hanoi's capital city.

Preparing for a journey of discovery through the "miniature Italy" - the Venice Mega Grand World subdivision

the Venice Mega Grand World subdivision

Mega Grand World Hanoi, a unique shopping, entertainment, and leisure complex, is set to officially open in December 2023, marking an impressive addition to Hanoi's landscape. Spanning nearly 18.7 hectares, it is strategically located between Vinhomes Ocean Park 2 and Vinhomes Ocean Park 3. Mega Grand World Hanoi promises a modern and diverse shopping, entertainment, and leisure experience.

Within Mega Grand World, residents and visitors will step into a diverse world featuring multiple zones with unique cultural styles. Notably, the Venice Mega Grand World zone stands out with its romantic Italian ambiance, recreating Venice with an 830-meter-long river, Gondola boats, a wooden carousel, the Sky Drop tower, and three high-quality bridges.

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The upcoming opening of the Venice Mega Grand World subdivision: Reviving the Beauty of Italy's Canal City

Entering the Venice Mega Grand World Ha Noi subdivision feels like stepping into Italy's canal city, immersing oneself in a seemingly "no escape" beauty and experiencing activities that are "one of a kind." First and foremost, let's explore this romantic charm together with Tân Long Land!

The Romantic Beauty of the Venice Mega Grand World Subdivision

the Venice Mega Grand World subdivision

The Venice Mega Grand World subdivision in Hanoi has been designed to exude the romantic and alluring charm of Europe, where artificial waterways gracefully intertwine with vibrant rows of colorful shops. Visitors are immersed in the bustling Italian atmosphere, alive with vibrant trade. The classic European culture resonates throughout, from intricately designed fountain scenes, vibrant floral gardens, and comfortable seating areas, to soaring sculptures and magnificent squares.

The 830-meter-long Venice River, with its azure waters, has nearly completed its landscape setup on both sides, ready to welcome bustling Gondola boats traversing its length. The first Gondola, an iconic symbol of Venice, has been launched onto the water, creating a lively and bustling atmosphere by the dock, crowded with visitors during this year's festival season.

The wooden carousel is complete, where young visitors can delight in moments of joy and happiness alongside their parents. The Sky Drop tower has emerged, promising thrilling and heart-pounding freefall experiences at the entertainment zones of Mega Grand World.

Three Italian-style bridges are ready to appear in breathtaking sunset photos, adding a poetic touch to Venice Hanoi's landscape.

Mega Grand World Hanoi is finalizing its decorations and preparing for the grand opening event at the end of December 2023. The latest images of the project showcase the completed Venice district, brimming with life and allure.

Opportunities to experience unique entertainment activities await you at the Venice Mega Grand World subdivision

the Venice Mega Grand World subdivision

At Venice Mega Grand World Ha Noi, immerse yourself in an authentic European space, designed with romance and allure. Whether shopping, indulging in cafes, or gliding on the iconic Gondola boats, you'll be transported to an Italian Venice, where gondoliers serenade passengers with opera on the dreamy river.

More than just a shopping and dining destination, Venice Mega Grand World offers a unique experience, hosting top-notch brands and continuous entertainment activities operating 24/7. This promises to become an ideal destination for over 200,000 future residents of Ocean City, nearly 10 million inhabitants of the capital, and almost 20 million tourists annually.

One of the highlights during the Venice Mega Grand World district's inauguration is a live show featuring water effects synchronized to music. Beneath the stage, a state-of-the-art hydraulic piston system and basic machinery are submerged in seawater to ensure safety for the Gondola boats and performers.

The show, "The Grand Voyage", unfolds on the Venice River, reenacting vibrant trade scenes from East to West and the journey of exploration through the bustling port of Mega Grand World. Combining light, water effects, 3D mapping technology, and music, The Grand Voyage promises to be an intriguing artistic spectacle for domestic and international visitors exploring Hanoi.

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Mega Grand World - Vinhomes Ocean Park 3

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