Vinhomes Harmony Villa for sale -The "Fever" of the real estate market

(Update: 6/9/2022 3:41:44 PM)

Vinhomes The Harmony has unique, flexible designs, luxurious apartment interiors, and a beautiful location based on the investor's preference and investment scale...

With its distinctive, impressive, and distinctively built architecture, the issue of selling Vinhomes The Harmony villas has become a concern for many people since it was officially opened for sale by the investor Vingroup in 2016.




- The Phong Lan sub-area is characterized by a row of villas designed in the French style. These villas stand out due to their strong shapes, slender arched doorways, and mansard roofs, which are typical of the North of France.

- Villas in the Huong Duong sub-area are built in the traditional Indochinese style. These villas are built in a French style with traditional Asian decorative motifs.

– The villas in the Nguyet Que Kien sub-area are built in a row with outstanding Greek architecture. These villas have a classic 4-pillar design with a triangular gable roof, large windows, and oval-shaped glass doors.

- The tulip sub-area is a collection of villas built in attractive Italian architecture. Rolling arched windows combined with classical carvings create a typical Venetian-Mediterranean space.


Vinhomes for sale The Harmony villas must learn about each product type


"Vinhomes The Harmony" Detached Villa

Vingroup, the investor, has introduced over 300 "Vinhomes The Harmony" detached villas to the market. The villas have an area ranging from 275 to 495 sqm and a height of 3.5 floors. All of these villas are situated along the ecological canal, the central air-conditioning lake, and the area's internal road.


Bán biệt thự Hướng Dương


Not only that, but Vinhomes The Harmony Detached villa has impressive beauty with an attractive and extremely quiet design from every angle. They are appropriate for the residents' needs to relax and unwind. The garden, in particular, occupies more than 60% of the area, with four open and unfenced sides. When you decide to buy, the detached villa here will provide an ideal entertainment and relaxation space for your family.


Vinhomes The Harmony duplex villa

It is no coincidence that information about the sale of Vinhomes has surfaced. The Harmony duplex villas are extremely popular and intriguing. More than 332 villas have been introduced to the market. There aren't many villas without owners right now. Vinhomes The Harmony duplex villa has 3.5 floors and an area ranging from 163 to 301sqm.


Each of Vinhomes The Harmony duplex villas has a very fancy and impressive symmetrical design. This is the ideal option for a large family of 5-7 people.


Vinhomes The Harmony Quadridetached Villa

Vinhomes The Harmony Quadri-detached villa was introduced with 26 apartments and only one area of 180 m2. Currently, the selling price of this Vinhomes The Harmony villa is around 20 billion.



The main advantage of this type of villa is that it has a moderate area with two open sides. A spacious garden system surrounds the villa, creating a peaceful and relaxing living space for the owner.



Hopefully, the information about Vinhomes The Harmony villa sale provided above will provide you with additional references to select and purchase the appropriate product lines. And I hope you have a wonderful life experience in this space.


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