Vinhomes Riverside Long Bien villa for rent

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List of Vinhomes Riverside villas for rent in Long Bien as well as the benefits of renting Vinhomes Riverside villas

Vinhomes Riverside Hanoi Villa for Rent Latest 2022

The majority of the villas at Vinhomes Riverside are surrounded by a meandering artificial river system, which is a unique design highlight in Hanoi's most elegant downtown area. Villas for rent include modern or basic furniture in various areas.

The rental price of Vinhomes Riverside villas is determined by the villa's area, location, and interior design. The average rental cost will vary as follows:

The rental price of Vinhomes Riverside Villa does not include furniture.

Area 90-200sqm, monthly rent 30-40 million 

Area 200-350sqm, monthly rent 40-50 million

Area 400-700sqm, monthly rent 50-80 million


The rental price of Vinhomes Riverside Villa includes furniture.

Areas 90-200sqm, monthly rent 40-60 million.

Area 200-350sqm, monthly rent 50-70 million

Villa 400-700sqm, monthly rent 80-150 million 

What attracts customers to Vinhomes Riverside villas for rent?

Biệt thự Vinhomes Riverside giá bao nhiêu? - Địa ốc MGVS

Vinhomes Riverside villas for rent are surrounded by an artificial river system


According to a survey of Vinhomes Riverside villa tenants, the following are the reasons why customers prefer this villa:

The Vinhomes Riverside project's products are of high quality, meticulously crafted, and luxuriously designed. The interior is also well-polished and well-organized. Furthermore, the extremely convenient location allows people to live a luxurious life while expressing their tastes. Many tenants of Vinhomes Riverside villas, in particular, stated that the location is very quiet, making it ideal for people who dislike being crowded.

A variety of factors can be attributed to the rising demand for villas in Vinhomes Riverside. The most notable feature is that the majority of these apartments are in very nice locations that are well worth the rental price. With a fresh river system and rich and diverse ecological gardens, the Vinhomes Riverside project provides residents with a complete, comfortable, and poetic life, putting Vinhomes Riverside on par with world-class modern urban districts.

Many of the villas for rent at Vinhomes Riverside Hanoi, Long Bien district have 2 to 5 bedrooms and many have basements, indoor garages, gardens, and swimming pools. Furthermore, residents have access to first-rate utility services such as Swimming pools, golf courses, tennis courts, football fields, volleyball courts... Shop system, Almaz entertainment area, Vincom Plaza Center, Jura Park...


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